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We support a talented Electronic Music Band from Turkey

We are very happy that we discovered MUTUS.

MUTUS is a live electronic music band from Turkey. In addition to the studio productions, MUTUS present their music with a classic band setup with drums, guitar, bass, synths and vocals. With the debut on Art Unnamed Deep, we look forward to many more releases.

The Head of MUTUS is Umut Uslusoy a turkish Artist, Audio Engineer working mainly in the TV Post Production with his own studio and he is a passionate Songwriter and Artist since more than 25 years. His Music is featured and used in Turkish Prime TV Stations. With his Buddies he created MUTUS as an Electronic Live Band.

19th of January‘ is a stunning melodic techno track with a huge atmosphere. We releasing it together with the ‘Live’ Version recorded Live especially for this Release.

Andy Moon created the ‘19-01 (Andy Moon Rework)‘. He re-arranged all the Synths from the Original with his own equipment and tried to give the Song a more roughness and dirty feeling.

Richard de Clark contributed with ‘Chilled 19th of January‘ a Lounge Remix just for the easy listening fans of this fantastic song.

Make sure you also watch the ‘Live’ – Videos we will release with this EP to see MUTUS recording the ‘Live’ Version.


More Info on our Label Site

Cockpitcrew – A Desert Trip

Cockpitcrew returns with an Electronica Live Album, played and recorded live for lsb.tv Cologne and NRWision TV. The Show will be broadcasted again later this year on German Television (NRWISON). 

Meanwhile we are happy to release this excellent Live Album. All tracks are based on rough Elements but very moody Soundscape and gives you a cosy and beautiful Sofa trip into the endless hot Sands & Winds of the Desert.


More Info on our Label Site

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Helping with DNFTs ?…

…with a “charitable social DNFT ” it is possible for us to launch our NPO Projects and  immediately dive into the working phase. 

…supports the sustainability of our NPO and its Artists.

What is a DNFTs ?

…our definition of a “charitable social NFT (Non Fungible Token”. 

… D = Donation N = Non F = Fungible T =  Token. That means our DNFT does not really contains any Art or Music. You buy that NFT and support our Mission & Vision. The good News is – everybody buying our DNFT gets access to our Token Launch White List and will receiving free Airdrops of our upcoming Token. In other words you have some benefits helping us. Also included is a Voucher Code for a 95% Discount for the Song donated by Andy Moon % Cockpitcrew that you can hear in our Image Video above.


…you support a charitable non-profit organization with a donation that gives you something in return? A donation that gives  you some great Music Arts, but still helps! A donation that you listen to and enjoy and  use even if you trade or sell the DNFT ?

…a DNFT that makes sense and has a clear charitable mission? Then it’s time to get to know our DNFTs!

Thank you!

We would like to underpin our DNFT´s with two quotes from Philanthropist and Investor Sir John Templeton.

“Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting.”

“The best investment with the highest return and the lowest risk is a donation”


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About the Foundation

We are the Sophisticated Culture Foundation

The Sophisticated Culture Foundation is a Non Profit Organization that aims to promote excellence in artistic and creative development with an extraordinary vision. Sophisticated Culture Foundation aims to inspire artists, musicians, composers, engineers, writers, directors and thinkers and support them to unleash their creative potential.

As a non-profit organization, we  push our work as a music publisher, record label and recording studio. We working from our Artist Campus with a first class studio, our own Artist Development academy, practice and event stages, a cosy artist place and a training facility for artists who cannot afford professional development themselves. 

The participation is free of charge for selected artists who meet our selection criteria, but we also expect a high level of progression, skill and love for the Artists own art.

We are financed mainly by donations, endowments, endorsements, partner contributions and fan memberships and  releasing our projects & label releases. 

We generate a net-revenue after we paid the artists as a music publisher, music label and artist management. We work on donation-based free services such as online mixing & mastering support, a free Artist Development & Media-Creatives based online academy.  All the  net income from our work goes direct into the objectives and the project funding of the Foundation.

How you can support us

In these unprecedented times, our top priority is to continue to ensure the source of income from art and culture for artists. To make this happen, we need your support more than ever. Your support means we are fulfilling our mission and vision of enabling artists to make their unique contribution to the world. Support groundbreaking artists across disciplines and help them succeed on the international stage.

Support us with a donation, an endowment and planned giving, your endorsement or become an early adopter of our crypto token. Find out more on our website

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Project Submissions are open!

Here are the guidelines for our funded Project program for 2025. The selection for  Slots and Project Founding for 2024 is completed! But apply as soon as possible. The available Slots for 2025 are limited! Sometimes it is also possible that Projects cant attend their slots so if you are on our scope you are always also on the waiting list for spontaneous Slots.

Label Demos wanted!

Our Non Profit Label Art Unnamed accepts your release-ready demos. We always looking out for new music for our Labels. Here are the the details how to submit your Demo to our Label.

Publish & Sync with us!

As Non Profit Publishers we are also happy to get your music dealt to the right person at the known labels or make sure you get a good sync opportunity. Visit the Publishing Section for more info how to publish with us

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We are glad to add you to our Promotion Pool or send you our press updates.

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Helping hands (Volunteers) needed

In 2018 we started planning the Sophisticated Culture Foundation in small circles. In 2021 we created the legal framework. 2022 is about funding and delivering on our mission through global expansion. Become part of us and get involved!

We are looking for branch managers, marketing specialists, music managers, sound engineers, music producers, IT and web design specialists, social content designers ( video + audio ), social media experts, influencers, talent scouts, academy teachers (online courses & recorded content), lawyers , charity/npo/ngo tax experts (US,IE,DE), charity/npo/ngo accounting experts (US,IE,DE) and all those who want to actively contribute to the future of the Sophisticated Culture.

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