How to submit your demo

Please note

We do not give you a guideline or fixed procedure on how to apply with a demo, just some basics, how to prepare your presentation and your songs, to make it easy for our A&R Team to review your submission!

Allow us to take some time!

Omit to contact us after a few days. We need at least up to THREE (3) Weeks to listen to your music and study your presentation or documents. If you don’t hear anything after the 4th week you are free to send us a short friendly reminder – replying with your own original Mail attached using the same Email Adresse and subject. You can imagine that the nature of our project funding and label + publishing demos fills up our mailbox, so it takes a bit to listen to everything.

We really listen to EVERY incoming submission. Once done we reply to you with an answer regardless the outcome! Promised! 

Important! Please let us know in the FIRST Line of your EMAIL if you are submitting  Music for a release on one of our Labels,  or you like to offer your music for our Publishing Department. 

Suprise us!

Make yourself seen and interesting! It’s part of the artistic process to introduce yourself and your Demo Submission to us.  

There are just some minor rules for demo submission! Those are listed below. Any submission not complying with those simple rules will be automatically rejected without notice.

Please, and we really mean that serious, do NOT send any packages, snail mail or any letters smelling of roses to one of our offices! The reason is simple. Our A&R Team does not work in one of the offices, they are based in different offices, some work in there own studios or homes or even somewhere on the beach, accessing our Foundations Intranet to review your submissions. As you might imagine, its impossible workload to convert, scan and upload your submission to our Intranet and therefore it will be just end up somewhere in the trash but not where you want to have it!

How to send your Submission

Send your submission with your meaningful and expressive introduction, your demos (ready for mastering), and your Artist Information maybe with live videos, links to former releases and a detailed description of your release to this

Demo Submission Email

or use our 

Demo Submission Form

Makes sure you do not attach any Audio, Video or Document Files in your Email to us. Use cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or maybe a folder on your projects webpage! Soundcloud “Hidden” Playlists are fine, but make the Songs available for download. Do not use any services with a limited time of availability for your files, we mostly wont make it to download them within 7 days! Make sure your Files are available at least 4 weeks on that location. If possible please zip your files to one single download link. Emails with any attachments will be considered as spam and our server is declining them without any notice to you or us! Don’t forget to provide us with all relevant contact information. Make sure you use serious Email Providers,  As we are endorsed by Google, our Google Workspace Emails have very high spam settings. (we recommend sending an email with Gmail ). For GDPR and Privacy Policy reasons please mention within your submission, that you allow us to contact you. Sending your submission by Email or our dedicated submission form is mandatory!

Submission Guidelines

We are sure…

…you have studied our website and you got an idea what we are looking for and what we are doing.

Yes! We are always looking…
…for aspiring new artists with outstanding music of all Genres! We operate a Multi Genre Label so everything is welcome! 

If you are more in underground electronic music, please consider sending your Music direct to our Electronic Music Label

Art Unnamed Deep .

If you are applying for a release on our labels, make sure that you DO NOT SEND or provide Mastered Versions. If so, provide the Mixdown / Premasters also! We like to listen to your Mixdown | Premaster. MP3 in a good quality is fine, but we recommend sending WAV / AIFF FIles with at least 44.1 khz 16 bit.

Your Songs need to be ready for Mastering with at least 3-4 seconds or 2 – 4 bars silence in front and at the end of your track and -6 to-3 db Headroom. Try to not use any master bus compression on your mixbus for your mixdowns / pre masters. We love dynamic!

Track & Album Naming Policy

Name every single track


If you are sending several tracks for an EP or Album make sure they are in the same “hidden” Soundcloud Playlist ( allow download track option) 

If sending with Google Drive | Dropbox (or similar) make sure your Album | EP is packed as one zipped File in the same folder named Enclose any Artist Bios and further informations within your ZIP File. DO NOT attach it to the Email or Contact Form.

Make sure you let us know your Artist Name and at least  some basic information about you, and how we can reach you (Email is mandatory – make sure our Domain / is on your White List for our reply)

We do not accept any submissions that can be found online on Soundcloud , Youtube or any other public presentation Service. (Snippets in a low quality up to 30% of your Song durations are fine)

We are looking for Original Songs. No Covers, no Remixes or Bootlegs (Remixes of your own Original Songs as addition to the Original Songs are fine)

Good luck with your submission! We looking forward to hear your music.