We Love

Sophisticated Electronic Music

If you are an electronic music lover you might check out our special interest label for underground electronic music. Mainly we focus on all non commercial electronic music genres. Please consult the label page for more details. The Label meanwhile belongs 100% to our Foundation and is managed by electronic music producer and artist Andy Moon.

With our Music, we reflect our understanding of Melodic Techno, Deep House, Techhouse, Deep Tech House, Techno, Lounge, Ambient and Electronica. It might be not the standard, and it might be mixed up in various genres, and it might not what you know from all around the globe. It is inspired by the passion of our Artists and their imagination and fantasy ! Our Artists are free-minded, individual and unique Sound Creators and prefer providing their music as it is. Most of them are Performing Artist either as DJ´s or Live Acts, others are only Producers or Songwriters. But all are individual people with an individual taste.

Sending Demos

If you are an electronic music artist or producer and like to submit demos to Art Unnamed, please visit the label page. Art Unnamed is meanwhile included in our A&R Team but they have their own Demo Submission Requirements. 

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