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    …while you create your project

    In order to be able to record relaxed, our artist hotel is also part of our studio. We offer attractively furnished cosy hotel rooms that the artists can use free of charge during the project. Extensive nature, many opportunities to develop and a creative environment contribute to the fact that our artists can feel like rock stars.

    The hotel will also offer further amenities such as a wellness area and a fitness room, a fireplace room, common rooms with a bar. In the outdoor areas there will be many quiet places to retreat. Of course, a pool should not be missing either.

    The artists should be optimally and relaxed focused on the project during the recording. Accordingly, we offer an environment that otherwise only the big stars expect. We believe that the results will be outstanding and exceptional.

    The Castle on the left is an object we are interested to purchase, and started talking to the owner. But the interest is for it is huge and we hope that we can get it. All depends on our Token Launch. Even if this castle will not be the future home of our campus, we have a list with several equal objects like this to check out. But know you have a better understanding, what can be expected.

    Creative Artist Hideaway

    Our site is not only available to musicians. We are planning to build 10 small wooden huts with modern, comfortable hotel room furnishings and all kinds of amenities, as well as plenty of room for creativity.

    We would like to address book authors, script- and screenwriters, painters, artisans, composers, actors, film directors and many other creative artistic professions who have a limited budget and cannot afford a longer stay in a creative hideout, usually of several weeks.

    We provide our huts free of charge. Thus, artists can find peace and silence for a while to work on their ideas. We are convinced that a lot of outstanding art can be created in our huts.

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