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We  take care

An important part of our work is the publishing work. The only obligation we have for our supported artists is to sign our publishing agreement. With the publishing work we can generate some revenue from licensing and syncing royalties. The Publishing Department will take the opportunity to collaborate with Indie and Major Labels. The overall partner for the Publishing is planned to be Sony Music / ATV Publishing and EMI Music Publishing. With them we have a good coverage for connections to wellknown labels as well as Syncing music to Film, Documentaries, Television and use in Commercials for Companies.  With SCF Publishing we generate revenue from our own-sourced entrepreneurial activities. All income increases our funds to finance the project funding and covers our operational costs. The Publishing | Artist Split will be 40% | 60% , so we cover the international standard.

With our own music publishing department, we mainly publish our funded projects as well as any works on our labels.

We place our projects on suitable external labels. But we are also available to composers who want to use our resources. We don’t do the work alone. Rather, we work as a sub-publisher with major international publishers in the field of Music & Sync.

We primarily serve music for publication as albums, EPs or singles. But also music for media productions, production music and sync. We take care of the rights management and make sure that your artistic work is fairly paid.

For our repertoire we look for all genres, moods and emotions for every kind of project. Whether TV production, advertising, cinema or corporate films – the search for the next title for an album, ep or single by third party artists, or the accommodation of our repertoire in Various Artists Compilation – our worldwide active artists and composers certainly have the right track.

But the projects we support are also important to us. Whether it’s an internal artist or an external composer, our creative team works closely with the music creators and attaches great importance to diversity, quality and authenticity with every title. Since we are also available for commissioned productions from various clients, we find the right composer and are happy to comply with the client’s wishes.

Our publishing work supports our charitable projects, because the profit from our publishing share goes fully into our projects.

For Composers…

…It’s good to know that when you work with us you have not only found a fair publisher, but also support art and culture in the long term, and that you can live out the highest good, artistic freedom.

For music users…

… There are many publishers, but only a few, maybe none at all, who not only support art and culture through their actions, but also with their profits. Choose us and live the good feeling of supporting charitable projects.

For our artists…

… You have the security of working in an ecosystem of creative people who do not primarily see business, but where art and artistic freedom are in the foreground.

Sending Demos

Send your submission with your meaningful and expressive introduction and a detailed description of your work to this

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Publishing Submission Form

Makes sure you do not attach any Files in your Email to us. Use cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or maybe a folder on your projects webpage! Soundcloud “Hidden” Playlists are fine, but make the Songs available for download. Do not use any services with a limited time of availability for your files, we mostly wont make it to download them within 7 days! Make sure your Files are available at least 4 weeks on that location. If possible please zip your files to one single download link. Emails with any attachments will be considered as spam and our server is declining them without any notice to you or us! Don’t forget to provide us with all relevant contact information. Make sure you use serious Email Providers,  As we are endorsed by Google, our Google Workspace Emails have very high spam settings. (we recommend sending an email with Gmail ). For GDPR and Privacy Policy reasons please mention within your submission, that you allow us to contact you. Sending your submission by Email or our dedicated submission form is mandatory!