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    Online Mixing & Mastering Program

    Another project we are focusing on is to offer an online Mixing and Mastering Service. Many musicians, Bands or Artists are looking for a valued service with high quality return. Our donation based service will have no fixed rates, we just ask for a fair donation of choice to support our goals. Your Songs then will be mixed in a state of the Art Recording Studio form industry professionals. and returned to you as release ready Mixdown or Master. 

    This Service will be also available to commercial PR agencies, Companies and everybody who has production needs like, Post Production, Sound Design, Editing, Creating any sound work for any campaigns they may have. Choosing our Foundation to get the job done, supports our mission and vision. 

    Please note, the Engineers spend the time and their own studio for your job voluntarily. This is their personal contribution to the Mission of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation . In return we ask you for a donation. This donation will support our work. So it is a win-win situation for all of us. For your information. 

    Sounds like a good plan? Soon you can learn more details and book your Mixing or Mastering here on our Website. 

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    Mixing & Mastering Fundraising Events (MMFE)

    We are in contact with some world class Mixing & Mastering Engineers. From time to time they offer some of their working-time in their own studios voluntarily to mix and/or master your music. That way some productions of our Online Mixing & Mastering Service could be finished by a multi platinum award winning engineer who normally is mixing just the big guys.

    This opportunities will be held as a Fundraising Event. That means, once we announced the respective Engineer you can send in a Production Rough Mix and make a donation of choice. Together with this Engineer we listen to all applications and one or maybe some will be the lucky winner(s) to get a mix & master from a well known Top Engineer! And the best of it is, you can even mention those engineer in your marketing if you made it.

    As this will have the meaning of a competition to raise funds for our Mission & Vision not everybody can get the 1st price. But everybody who is taking part will get a Mix & Master from our Team of Industry Professional Engineers.

    Sounds like an opportunity? . 

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