Foundation Roadmap

This is our Road Map for the forthcoming activities of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation.


  • Launching the Website and Social Media 
  • Starting Google Advertising Campaigns
  • Launching Donation & Fundraising  
  • Starting Artist Submission Phase for our Artist Funding Mission
  • Accepting  Demo Submission for our Publishing work and our  Record Labels
  • Start building our Industry Professional and Engineer Member Network
  • Start the Creation of our  Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering Project
  • Start the Creation of our  Online Academy
  • Start the  Releases on on our Label Art Unnamed 
  • Expand our Branch Network to more Countries


  • Publishing Tokennomics for our SOPHIE Token, 
  • We start building the SOPHIE Crypto Community
  • We start marketing and Sale our Pre Seed Phase NfTs
  • We start marketing our Token Swap 
  • Launch Beta Phase on our Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering (closed Beta)
  • Launch Beta Phase with our  Online Academy (closed Beta)
  • Pre Swap for our Token for early Adaptors and Pre Seed Phase NFT Holders
  • Public Token Launch 
  • Starting weekly AMA´s 
  • Releasing our first annual Artist Compilation ( including renown superstars)
  • Starting our Publishing work for external Labels ( Publishing Administration)


Q1-Q2   | 2025

  • Launching the first Classes and Courses for our Education Academy Online (Public Beta)
  • Launching the Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering Project (Public Beta)
  • Launching our Online Academy
  • Launching our Online Mixing & Mastering Project
  • Preparing Courses and Classes for our future On site Academy
  • Focusing on extending our Academy and Online Recording Network
  • Purchase our future Foundation Campus and get started with development in Europe
  • Expand our Branch Network to more Countries

Q3-Q4 | 2025

  • Construction work and creation of our Recording Studio and Artist Motel
  • Construction work and creation of our On-Site Academy and Artist Facility
  • Opening Event at our new facility for Artists, Partners and Top Supporters
  • Streaming Event for Token Holders
  • Beta Test Run for a  Artist Projects in the new Facility ( up to 6 Projects)
  • Expand our Branch Network to more Countries
  • Opening our Campus for Artist Projects 
  • Focusing on extending our Online Academy
  • Funding and producing 12 projects in our new Facility
  • 48 Releases ( 4 per month) on our Labels
  • Extending our Publishing work to TV, Film & Documentary Sync
  • 12 NFT Drops from our recorded projects
  • 2 x Annual Compilation Releases
  • Expand our Branch Network to more Countries


  • Continue our Mission as in 2026
  • Expand our Branch Network to more Countries
  • Opening our On-Site Academy 
  • Opening our Campus for more Creative Arts (Writers, Handcrafts, Actors e.g.)


  • Continue our Mission as before
  • improving our On-Site and Online Academy to get ready for the next level as accredited Education Facility 
  • Start a cooperation with a University to offer accredited Bachelor and Master Degrees in Audio Production, Artist Development and  Music Business Administration our On-Site Academy
  • Offering scholarships and affordable as well as partially funded courses for selected students


  • Continue and improving our Mission 
  • Improving our programs 
  • Working on forthcoming activities