Heart & Soul

The Studio

The heart & soul of our campus will be of course the new recording studio. The equipment will be in no way inferior to the largest studios in the world. We expect it will offer two Studio control rooms with an SSL Duality Fuse and a Neve 88RS console. State of the art world class outboard equipment, a collection of highly professional microphones and world class loudspeaker systems from Adam, Genelec and ATS round off the whole thing.

For a perfect recording there will be two large sound optimized tracking room as well as several small isolation and vocal booths. We also will offer the artists impressive music equipment. This includes various drum kits, guitars and bass amplifiers, pianos and concert grand pianos and of course various other instruments such as keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, basses and percussion. During the recording, nothing should be missing in the development of the songs.

Our Electronic Music and Mastering Studio, which already exists, will be  used for mastering, post production and sound design for film based composition. There are already more than 20 synthesizers available and further synthesizers and an additional SSL AWS Delta and state of the Art Outboard Equipment will be added to offer an excellent production environment for electronically produced music such as Dance Music, electronic Pop Music, or creating Music and Sound Design for Documentary, Films, Games and many more possibilities. Small Band Setups are still possible.

Of course there will also be a cafeteria with a kitchen, a break room for each studio as well as meeting and practice rooms.

We store the additionally offered equipment in a material room. The studios are planned with a Dante network so that independent use of all rooms is guaranteed.

A contemporary recording studio complex for which a world star would give anything to be allowed to record there. This is of course possible with an appropriate donation to the foundation, provided that this artist then passes on his experiences to our talents as a mentor.

For every production we always will recruit a voluntary world-class audio engineer who will provide the Artists with his knowledge, experience and time. In addition, an assistant audio engineer from a corresponding training facility (or university) will always do an internship. They too can benefit from the collaboration with a world-class engineer. If a superstar happens to be present, the experience for the artist will of course be outstanding.

The Environment

For our concept we already have a few properties in prospect. Regardless of which property we choose, they all have something in common.

We will offer a lot of space and nature. Sufficient space to develop and realize. The outside world can be hidden, only the art counts.

We have already visited various properties. These are old mansions, castles but also farms with lots of land, meadows and forests around them. With some renovation work, we want to create a unique environment here, which invites you to let your creativity run free.

During production, everyone involved lives together like in a commune. Cooking together after work, ending the day and having breakfast the next morning. Lots of space for wellness, sport, walks or excursions into the surrounding nature. Anything that can help to get the best out of the artists.

Outstanding art is created in an outstanding environment. Sophisticated Culture Foundation wants to offer this environment, and all at no cost to artists who could not even afford a cheap alternative. However, the art of these artists deserves to be made audible in the best possible way.