Voluntary Work...

…needs helping hands around the world

We have a huge demand for voluntary helpers. Because without you our project won’t work. Please consider this section as our “Jobs Section” and look if some of the below mentioned functions is for you.

In 2018 we started planning the Sophisticated Culture Foundation in small circles. In 2021 we created the legal framework. From 2022 all  is about funding and delivering on our mission through global expansion. Become part of us and get involved!  

With the foundation established in the US and Ireland as non-profit organizations, we are working to establish local offices in all parts of the world. The purpose is to be recognized as a charity in as many countries as possible.

For this we need the help of dedicated helpers. First, we need offices in many parts of the world.

…needs you

We are always looking for interested Volunteers to  work with us. Below you will find a list of required positions that we currently have to fill. If you are interested please get in touch with us to negotiate any further. 

… for applicants

Interested in any of the below mentioned vacancies? Great! Send us your meaningful and expressive application to cv@sophisticatedculture.com. The content should cover the candidate, the background, the motivation and everything what is needed to be a good candidate for the respective position.


Banch Manager | Executive Council Members

A branch manager works on a voluntary basis and makes his home or an owned office available as an official branch. His responsibilities is to become the official head of the local Foundation Team. 

As a branch manager, you become a member of the international Executive Council. No worries you don’t have to travel, we manage everything with modern technology like video conference calls and our powerful intranet and communication channels. The activity is basically voluntary and can be done in your free time. If donations and contributions from your country makes it possible, we may hire you as a payed employee later on.

The task of the branches is to increase awareness in the respective country, to promote our donations and fundraising and of course, to become the first contact for local artists as a talent scout. Ideally, you already have a connection to music and art. If you are an artist yourself, you are in direct contact with our labels and publishers and are welcome to release your music through us or to promote your art and yourself as an artist. Beside that there will be a contingent for you to use our internal future  recording studios, but you can use our Online Mixing and Mastering services  from day one, as well as benefiting from our contacts. With our extensive advertising budget, we can support you as an artist.

As a member of the Executive Council, you are also a member of the A&R team and can express your experience, your love of art and your opinion on the applications submitted. You can become a designated producer to the projects from your country. So you sit at the source of which projects will be submitted to the Board of Directors (BOD) for further decision. In the case of special suitability, a later election to the BOG is also possible.


Audio Engineers (Mixing & Mastering)

Do you have your own studio and would you like to occasionally support us in the area of online mixing & mastering? We offer a free service for musicians and bands to have their music mixed and mastered for free. Your line of work is a Donation to the SCF. Users of the service are asked to make a fair reasonable donation that supports our goals. This also includes productions for companies that commission us to implement their projects instead of a commercial studio ( any expenses for speakers, purchased sounds e.g. will be covered). For a reasonable donation, we are happy to produce anything from a simple commercial to extensive post-production or voiceover recordings. We do not have fixed prices for this, just any applying expenses needs to be covered, but we ask for a donation for the service provided. This benefits our mission with 75% the remaining 25% will be your share for contributing your time and paying the operation of your studio.

The benefits for engineers are great. On the one hand, the knowledge too occasionally support a good cause. But also the mandatory naming of the engineers, e.g. on CD and digital covers and wherever the technical staff is named. A thank you on the social media pages of the respective artist with a direct link to the SCF and the link of the engineer is required. In projects from companies, the engineer receives direct references, which he can also use in his personal repertoire.

Producers | Composers | Talent Scouts | A&R Managers

In this role  you can be of help in searching or finding and developing our artists. You have the ability to vote on potential projects or for releasing ready recorded music on our labels. You become a part of our international A&R Team as well and might introduce the next known artist to the world? Everything is possible.

Once we take a project or an artist we assign them a Producer to help those artists to develop their art. You become a part of the band, and also can participate in sales and royalties with a fair percentage. You will also be on site during the recording in the studio ( you live and sleep for free in our artist motel during the recording).

Skills you need in this role are a good music taste of the respective genre, songwriting skills, typical producer skills especially skills in developing artists and you need to be a decent leader with a great mindset. Remember our artists have artistic freedom so you need to have the right feeling for them.  Finally you need to be able to scout new talents in your region and introduce them to us. But also if you are a fit for a new project you might be considered as Producer from our side.

Social Media Influencers | Marketing Supporters | Community Moderators | PR Specialists

It’s all about visibility in the digital world. Also charitable work will be done mostly online. We have all sorts of important social media channels and marketing funnels. We have a monthly Google Ads Budget, but we also need volunteers to assist us on the other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and especially Telegram and Discord for direct communication and moderation with artists but more important with supporting people to raise awareness and funds for our work and take care on our crypto token community.

If you are interested in supporting us and you are an Influencer with a decent reach, Social Media Expert and a great team worker, we’d love to hear from you. Especially needed are Community Managers for our Token Launch to spread the word about us.

Also our PR work Public Relations need helping hands. Spreading the word to Blogs, Magazines, Radio, TV or coordination with authorities for arts and culture in every country is part of our PR Work. The primary goal – be known – receiving more funds to realize projects and supporting arts and culture in the field of music.

Do you like to help or have great ideas on how to make our Foundation a topic to the social media world every day? Get in touch with us and tell us.


Webdesign & Web Developers & Website Security | Video Creators | Graphic Designers

If you just stopped by at this job description, then you might have an idea how to improve our website, make it a better user experience.  Excellent, this website is just the beginning of a huge project for a big community. Maybe you like to help to make it better?

There is so much more to come; our Academy with internal user access and much knowledge to be prepared for getting shared, an intranet for our Artists, the Label and Publishing sections, the daily news and stories about our work, the internal membership area for token holders and contributing members.

Artist Managers, Artist Bookers

At some point our Foundation will be the platform for many great artists. All these artists need Artist Managers and Bookers. But we don’t want them ending up with the sharks.. You can become a part of the band, and also can participate in their success  with a fair percentage if you are doing a great job. 

Publishing Specialists | Music Promotion Specialists

As a Non Profit Organization we are not allowed to make profit for any personal benefit, but we are allowed to make profit to reinvest those revenue into new projects  and Artist Development or maintaining active projects or our infrastructure. Publishing needs your expertise. You have an idea how to support our Publishing Division? Reach out!

Yes, even having those tracks listed on a successful Spotify Playlist, get them played on international radio stations or get them used in documentary film, Netflix or Amazon Series  is meanwhile important for artists, writers, composers and publishing royalties.

Also our  Public Relations Team need helping hands. Spreading the word to Blogs, Magazines, Radio, TV or coordinate public events and  using any available support with authorities for arts and culture in every country is part of our PR Work. The primary goal – be known – receiving more funds to realize projects and supporting arts and culture in the field of music, film, printed and visual art.

You like what we do, and you are specialized in this field? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Teachers & Mentors

Long Story short, are you either  well known, experienced, professional and make a living in one of the above mentioned fields?  You like to create your own masterclass, course or Training for aspiring artists in Music & Artist Marketing, Artist Development? You are an Audio Engineer or Producer and like to spread your knowledge to aspiring Audio Engineers, Artists, or young emerging Producers? You are a  Songwriter, Artist Manager, or you are a Web Designer and help artists create their perfect Brand? Then we need you. Help us and prepare a course or masterclass!

Yes, we are getting started with a free Academy. Yes it will be free for everyone to use. We just ask for a donation  or subscription with any amount of money up to the users. All possible income will be used to continue our mission and create or vision. All content will be created by specialists for free. Most of the content will be on a video or recorded webinar basis. Of course there will be  tons of written content, too.

Beside the Academy we also like to have exclusive “live” mentorship for our signed artists. This can be a live session at our future campus or or Online as a Q&A with our Sessionwire tools or a Google Meet Call.

If you would like to contribute and become a teacher or mentor, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we work hard on our content and every professional is welcome to become a teacher or mentor. Beside the benefit that you support the arts and culture world, your name will also be shown in our Academy and gives you a great additional reputation.

Online Community Managers

We are looking for Community Moderators to serve our Telegram Channel, Discord Server and our Clubhouse Club as Moderators, Conversation Starters and Chat Supervisors to enforce our community guidelines and chatiquette. Also you keep track of our Social Media Activities, answering questions in comments and dealing with First Level Support with incoming Emails. 

You will become the first contact, the face for the Community, so you should have a deep relationship to Music Arts. Does this sounds interesting for you? then join us!