We believe…

…that by investing and striving for profit, you can also do something for the good. With a “charitable social DeFi token” it is possible for us to launch our start-up NPO immediately into the working phase with a catapult launch. There are good reasons to buy, hold and trade our SOPHIE token. Why? Learn more !

Social Investing…

…for the sustainability of our NPO paired with the profit potential of a reputable token with the best profit prospects for the supporters.


…you support a charitable non-profit organization with a donation that you can keep? A donation that grows for you but still helps! A donation that you can possibly get back with a multiple value?

…a token that makes sense and has a clear charitable mission? Then it’s time to get to know SOPHIE!

Meet Sophie!

We would like to underpin our SOPHIE token with three quotes from Philanthropist and Investor Sir John Templeton.

“Focus on Value because most investors focus on outlooks and trends”

“Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting.”

“The best investment with the highest return and the lowest risk is a donation”

SOPHIE is the opportunity to donate-invest in a new way!

Token Launch

We are working hard to get our Token launched in the 2nd Quarter of 2022! There will be a pre-sale phase soon, where you can purchase your tokens at reduced prices before the official launch on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

Once we finish our Foundations Token Launch, we are going to invest the revenue from the Token Preswap Income into the realization of our Main Objectives. There are many investments to do, so 60% of the Preswap Income will be used for the Foundations Infrastructure to get started. 10 % will be used to cover the operational costs of the Launch. 30% of the Preswap Income goes directly into the Liquidity Pool of the Token to start stable and with a huge Marketcap.

After the Launch, all Reflections from our own Token holdings and the Contribution from the Sophie Funds Tax goes into administrative costs for the Main and Secondary Objects.

We hope that you, as an art and crypto enthusiast, want to support our work. We will present our  Tokenomics, our Roadmap and everything what is important, in more details below.

Make sure you request our Newsletter, join our Communication Groups on Telegram, Clubhouse and Discord and keep your self informed for our Presale and the Token Launch


Here we will publish our final Tokenomics shortly. The currently shown Tokenomics might be subject to changes.

Expected Supply

* 1,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens (One Quadrillion)


Holders will receive tokens through a fixed percentage static reflection

Liquidity Pool

Every transaction automatically contributes a fixed percentage to the locked liquidity pool.

Locked Liquidity Pool & Owners Tokens

The 1st Campus Development of our project will be done with the 60% part of the pre-sale and the redistribution (reflection) of our own Token Holdings! 50% of the entire supply stays inside and belongs to the NPO and will be locked for at least 1 year. Then it will be used to raise more capital for our 2nd Campus. For this we will have an additional Funding Round in 2023/24. The Liquidity Pool stays locked to ensure a stable trading!


We don’t want to sell out of the token, and we don’t want to run over our supporters, which is why we run a strict policy on how many tokens you can buy/sell at a time. The transfers will be limited per transaction.

Burning Tokens

Having a deflationary token is a big asset to make it more interesting for investors. That usually means that the Token Owners burn (destroy) a specific token percentage, let’s say 1% per month of all transactions. This lowers the supply and increases the worth in the long end. So we will burn tokens on a public token burn event every month. The chosen percentage is currently to be considered.

Token Holder Participation

As a holder of the Token, you can use your Wallet to get access to some more benefits. Become and stay a holder directly beams you inside the projects and our work!

You will have access to every released project and label or publishing release several weeks before it gets released for the public. For free! as NFT based mp3 Download from our internal Token Holders Area. But we kindly ask you to give some of your tokens as donations of choice to the featured artists and the NPO. That way the artists directly see some love and of course the NPO can reinvest in new projects. But in general the mp3 download is free.

You will have priority access to a pre-swap of all Project-NFT´s (Non Fungible Tokens) we publish at a reduced pre-sale price. That can be Music, Film, Digital Art, Books, Concert Videos or similar as NFTS. That means you even can create more value in purchasing and selling the NFT´s. Beside that the NFT´s will give you, and later on the public, access to all our projects and releases in a Studio Master Quality, special content such as videos from the production sessions, documentaries of it and the artwork in a high resolution. We also ask the artists to create NFT Only Remixes and Reworks or just some Bonus Tracks, that are just exclusively for the NFT Release. The income of the NFT directly supports the Artists of the respective project with 50% and the remaining 50% directly goes into the NPO for funding the Projects and maintaining objectives.

You can participate in community votes on selected project submissions, meaning as holder you have a vote to decide on specific projects to sign and produce.

We will give token holders access to live video sessions into our studio and watch the production progress, meet and greet (AMA´s) sessions with the project artists, producers and engineers. Virtually you can take part in many portions of the creation process.

Fast Lane Submission

These are just some of the tokenomics and benefits that you can get for supporting us. One more benefit is, if you are a Token holder and you know a great project that meets our criterias you can introduce them to us via the fast lane for Token Holders. So this project will get direct attention from our Artist & Repertoire Managers and has a much higher chance to be taken.

Token Utility

The following information might be subject to change. The fixed details will be released with our White Paper shortly before the Pre-Swap starts. The Transaction Tax for the SOPHIE Token is paid on every transfer (buy / sell / wallet transfer) and is currently considered with 12% Tax.

This Tax is distributed as follows:

Redistribution | Reflection:   3.0%

Liquidity Pool | Funds:            3.0%

Donation to NPO:                     4.0%

Burn | Deflationary:                 1.0%

Marketing | Operation             1,0 %

Pre Swap Rounds

We are considering having three PRE SWAP Rounds for our Token, before we launch it. Below details might be subject to change.

Round 1…

…will be for proven (we do background checks) Artists and Creators only. Our objective is to support artists and creators with limited wealth, or nearly no wealth (what is very common), so we also want to make sure that those Artists, who hardly make a living from their art, will get the chance to get some savings for hard times. Those will get a small portion of the designated supply offered at a very low special rate, but his Tokens will be locked for at least 6 months from transferring and especially selling at the Launch! The maximum investment will be set to 2 BNB the minimum starts at 0.2 BNB.

Round 2…

… is for all interested Supporters willing to invest in our Social DeFI Token. The minimum investment will be 0.5 BNB the maximum is set to 10 BNB. This round will have the highest supply of the tokens.

Round 3…

.. the Whales will get their chance. We talk seriously about our Token Launch. We need as much funds to raise as possible, because our Plans are huge! Therefore we will have a special round for Investors with a minimum investment of 10 BNB and more. They will pay the highest pre launch price, but still below the launch price. 80% of their Tokens are locked for 3 months after the launch for trading and selling.

Round 4…

…just in case, but from our experience we don’t think it will happen, we have left over some of the designated pre-swap Token supply we will have another round with no limits, to grab the remaining tokens.


This is our Road Map for the Token Launch and the forthcoming activities of the Sophisticated Culture Foundation.


03 | 2022 

  • Launching the Website and Social Media 
  • Starting Google Advertising Campaigns
  • Launching Donation & Fundraising  
  • Starting Artist Submission Phase for our Recording Mission
  • Accepting  Demo Submission for our Publishing work and our both Record Labels
  • Start building our Artist and Engineer Member Network
  • Beta Testing the Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering
  • Start recording our first Music Project in our own studio (already signed)
  • Electronic Music Releases on Art Unnamed Deep


04 | 2022 

  • Publishing Tokennomics for our SOPHIE Token, 
  • We start building the SOPHIE Crypto Community
  • We start marketing for  Token Swap for Artists (Round 1)
  • We start marketing for  Token Swap for Public  (Round 2)
  • We start marketing for  Token Swap for Whales  (Round 3)
  • Starting working on our Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering
  • Start working on our  Online Academy
  • Start Recording our second Project in our own Studio (already signed)
  • Electronic Music Releases on Art Unnamed Deep


05 | 2022 

  • Pre Swap for our Token
  • Public Token Launch on Binance Smart Chain 
  • Launching the first Classes and Courses for our Education Academy Online (Beta Testers)
  • First Release on our Label Sophisticated Culture Rec ( including NFT Launch)
  • Starting weekly AMA´s on You Tube
  • Starting first funded Artist Projects in external studios
  • Purchasing the property for our Artist Motel and Recording Studio in Europe
  • Start Recording our third Project in our own Studio (already signed)
  • Electronic Music Releases on Art Unnamed Deep ( including first NFT Launch)


06  | 2022 – 11 | 2022

  • Construction work and creation of our Recording Studio and Artist Motel
  • Monthly Single Releases  on both Labels and releasing our first Artist Compilation
  • Monthly NFT Drops with selected Artists from our Label  and our  Studio Sessions 
  • Launching our Online Academy
  • Preparing Courses and Classes for our On site Academy
  • Focusing on extending our Academy and Online Recording Network


12 | 2022 – 12 | 2022

  • Opening Event at our new facility for Artists, Partners and Top Supporters
  • Streaming Event for Token Holders ( including lucky Token Holders winning on site participation including accomodation)
  • Beta Test Run for a  Artist Projects in the new Facility
  • Releasing our first annual Artist Compilation ( including renown superstars)
  • Opening our Campus for Artist Projects
  • Focusing on extending our Online Academy
  • Funding and producing 12 projects in our new Facility
  • 24 Releases ( 2 per month) on our Labels
  • 12 NFT Drops from our recorded projects
  • 2 x Annual Compilation Releases


  • Continue our Mission as in 2023
  • Capital Raise – 2nd Swap of 50% of our remaining tokens for our next property
  • Location Scouting for a second property in North America  as Artist Motel and Recording Studio Facility
  • Construction work and creation of our 2nd Recording Studio and Artist Motel
  • Opening and Beta Test Run end of the year
  • if applicable and approved opening our “House for Chidlren” in Germany.



  • Continue our Mission as before
  • improving our On-Site and Online Academy to get ready for the next level as accredited Education Facility 
  • Start a cooperation with a University in Europe and North America to offer accredited Bachelor and Master Degrees in Audio Production, Artist Development and  Music Business Administration our On-Site Academies in Europe and North America
  • Offering scholarships and affordable as well as partially funded courses for selected students
  • Offering courses for full paying students to obtain our Bachelor & Master Degrees
  • if applicable and approved opening our “House for Chidlren” at the 2nd Campus in the USA



  • Continue our Mission as before
  • Improving our programs 
  • Working on forthcoming activities


Get Involved - become an early contributor

Public Engagement

We use the usual ways of communication from the crypto scene. There is a Telegram Announcement group and a Telegram Chat group for those who are interested.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

In addition, we communicate in parallel in our Discord Channel and in our Clubhouse Club with regular AMA’s ( Ask Me Anything ), Project Previews and the latest News and Updates.

Video Presentations

Video Presentations will be held via Google Meet and/or Zoom and will also be streamed parallel Live on our You Tube and Twitch Channel.

Launch Partner

We will launch our Token with a highly appreciated and trusted Partner in this field.  More details including the final White Paper and the fixed Tokenomics will be published here soon. Don’t want to miss anything? Join our Communication Channels listed below and sign up for our newsletter! We thank you and appreciate your interest and get you covered.

SOPHIE is transparent and for the good!

Make sure you request our Newsletter, join our Communication Groups on Telegram, Clubhouse and Discord and keep your self informed for our Presale and the Token Launch