Non Profit Record Label

Our Label is a Multi Genre Label split into Genre based Sublabels and is open to every Artist worldwide. If you have already studio recorded music, we are happy to listen to it. The Sophisticated Culture Labels are open to all artists regardless where they come from and what professional background they have. The most important maxim is the freedom of the Artist. We don’t want to change or modify the artist’s work, if we like it and if it meets our standards we release it as it is. The artist is involved in all steps of the release process and can give us his input and share his thoughts.

With an exceptional marketing budget and distribution through major distributors  like Sony Music – The Orchard and Label Worx and our status as a Non Profit Organization with an artistic organization team, we might shortly become hopefully an respected Independent Label. If you want to be an artist and want to live your artistic freedom and not be bound by unfair contracts, then send us your music!

We distribute some of our releases as Music-NFT´s before the standard digital release. Some extraordinary productions can also considered to be released as physical CDs or Vinyl.     

With our Label we generate revenue for the Artists and all income on the Label side increases our funds  to finance our organizations Mission & Vision and covers our operational costs.

Demo Submission is open!

With your release on our label you get a fair 50/50 split with the label as well as a standard publishing contract with a 60/40 split. As Artist you support our mission, as our share of the sales goes directly to our charitable projects. Here are the guidelines for demo submission –  Send a Demo here