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Within this section we like to introduce some of our projects to you. We continue  to raise more donations and funds to increase our projects outcome. When we add a new project we inform you in our newsletter about it. We encourage you to subscribe to our Newsletter if you like to be informed about new updates on our projects

This project section gives you an overview of funding projects, upcoming label signings and publishing projects. For every project we create an own project page on our Foundation website or our Label website with all relevant information and updates about the project. 

Please visit also our Label Website for recent Releases and upcoming projects


MUTUS - 19th of January

We support a talented Electronic Music Band from Turkey

We are very happy that we discovered MUTUS.

MUTUS is a live electronic music band from Turkey. In addition to the studio productions, MUTUS present their music with a classic band setup with drums, guitar, bass, synths and vocals. With the debut on Art Unnamed Deep, we look forward to many more releases.

The Head of MUTUS is Umut Uslusoy a turkish Artist, Audio Engineer working mainly in the TV Post Production with his own studio and he is a passionate Songwriter and Artist since more than 25 years. His Music is featured and used in Turkish Prime TV Stations. With his Buddies he created MUTUS as an Electronic Live Band.

19th of January‘ is a stunning melodic techno track with a huge atmosphere. We releasing it together with the ‘Live’ Version recorded Live especially for this Release.

Andy Moon created the ‘19-01 (Andy Moon Rework)‘. He re-arranged all the Synths from the Original with his own equipment and tried to give the Song a more roughness and dirty feeling.

Richard de Clark contributed with ‘Chilled 19th of January‘ a Lounge Remix just for the easy listening fans of this fantastic song.

Make sure you also watch the ‘Live’ – Videos we will release with this EP to see MUTUS recording the ‘Live’ Version.


More Info on our Label Site


Cockpitcrew – A Desert Trip

Cockpitcrew returns with an Electronica Live Album, played and recorded live for Cologne and NRWision TV. The Show will be broadcasted again later this year on German Television (NRWISON). 

Meanwhile we are happy to release this excellent Live Album. All tracks are based on rough Elements but very moody Soundscape and gives you a cosy and beautiful Sofa trip into the endless hot Sands & Winds of the Desert.


More Info on our Label Site

ANGRH - The Ghost

We support a talented Artist from India

ANGRH is a young and aspiring DJ & Producer form New Delhi, India. We just discovered him and he is based in Dubstep and Big Room Sound. But he also has much more to offer and serves a wide range of composing and songwriting. His Debut on our Label ‘The Ghost’ is a Big Room Dubstep Track with a great Vocal Part, a well saturated slightly distorted Lead Bass Synth great Drops and a killer Groove.

More Info on our Label Site

Dr. Andre' Ritter (PHD in Physics) on new Directions! 

Andre’ Ritter – Directions 

Andre Ritter joins our Label Art Unnamed Lounge with his stunning Electronica EP. Great Downbeats with a huge Atmosphere produced with his modular and analogue Synths. Andre has an PhD in Physics and his passion for Sound Design is a way to help him ground himself.

And while the time of study was satisfying for his curiosity, he grew ever more detached from his own physical existence being focused on understanding reality. He kind of had achieved his childhood dream but at the same time he had lost it Painfully realizing that his mind is not to be detached from his physical existence, Andre welcomed it back with the abundance of experiences it would bring he let music into his life again but now focusing on creating it instead of ‘just’ playing it. Art and especially music helps him to find the balance between the world of logic and the world of dreams. And Andre thinks this struggle between both worlds influences the music that he creates.

Global Release 11 | 08 | 2022

More Info on our Label Site


Cockpitcrew – Concert by the Sea

Cockpitcrew is back with a modern classic symphony. With our Foundation we supported the Recording of this wonderful peace of music, and we are glad about the result. This Album has been record live. “By The Sea” is on this mini album as a whole concert but also with the individual tracks of the work. The origin and the premiere was in 2020 at the Volksbühne in Cologne, also known as the renowned Willi Millowitsch Theater. By the Sea was composed, orchestrated and recorded live by Mathias Froehlich especially for our ongoing project by Sebastian Feicht’s theater, audiobook and e-book work “Phoenix and the Golden Valley“, which premiered there.

Global Release 01 | 08 | 2022

More Info and Videos on our Label Site



Art Unnamed Lounge is our new Boutique Label for all kinds of Easy Listening Music for relaxed listening at home, in your car or wherever you want to listen to pleasant sounds while chilling.

The Genres we focus on this Art Unnamed Imprint are, but not limited to, Easy Listening, Lounge Music, Ambient, Electronica, Dub, Nu-Jazz, Nu-Disco, Downtempo as well as new modern Classic Music and all sub-genres of Jazz Music in combination with electronic music Styles. Music that is not directly meant for the Clubs but for the easy listening in many situations, like at home, sports, work or with a mobile speaker in the nature.

The first LOUNGE SELECTION includes Music from Andy Moon, Cockpitcrew, Richard de Clark, Dying Earth, Gilberto Palma and Minimal Teardrop.

Global Release 29 | 07 | 2022

More Info and Videos on our Label Site


Tour De Traum XXIII – Traum Schallplatten

We are glad to present the next Tour De Traum Compilation with over 50 extraordinary artists. The Compilation Release is scheduled for Friday July 15th and we supported some of the Artists with the production to be on this successful series of music, that always is entering the Sales & Hype Charts and finds the likes and support of music influencers and known artists, radio stations and magazines around the globe.

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Tour De Traum featuring artists who have been with the series releasing exclusively here already, some established big names from Traum and new discoveries all curated by Traum Label Manager Riley Reinhold.

Tour De Traum covers genres from melodic techno, melodic house, electronica to ambient music and a lot of sub-genres, so make sure you look into all of them.

The overall Result from our Side was great. Our Google Campaigns reached nearly 40.000 interested electronic music fans, so from our side we could support this Compilation and hopefully some of the Artists will get some more exposure.

Read more about the Artists & get the Compilation 

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Richard de Clark

Richard de Clark – Time Traveler.

Richard started a journey into the mid 1980 years and has used the classic Basslines, Drums, Pads and Leads as you know them from 80ies electronic music sound. A modern journey back into a great time, where many things from nowadays has been born.

read more…


Extraordinary Live Electronic Music from Turkey

we are glad to introduce our  recently discovered project and upcoming release to our Non Profit label Label Art Unnamed Deep.  


is an electronic music live band and studio project from Turkey. Four extraordinary musicians perform  melodic based House & Techno Music live as a typical band setup with guitar, bass, drums, synths and vocals. 

We release MUTUS on our Label Art Unnamed Deep  this September the 29th. The first EP contains a Studio Version, the Live Version and two Remixes of the Song “19th of January.” In the background we supporting an Album Production what we expect end of 2022. 

Publishing & Tour Support

Beside this first Release we signed all of MUTUS Songs to our Sophisticated Culture Publishing and will take care on further Sync and usage of this excellent music. Also we looking for  opportunities to bring MUTUS on Stages all over the world.

Follow more updates on our dedicated Label Page


Watch the Video Teaser


Label News

Introducing DNFT

Helping with DNFTs ?…

…with a “charitable social DNFT ” it is possible for us to launch our NPO Projects and  immediately dive into the working phase. 

…supports the sustainability of our NPO and its Artists.

What is a DNFTs ?

…our definition of a “charitable social NFT (Non Fungible Token”. 

… D = Donation N = Non F = Fungible T =  Token. That means our DNFT does not really contains any Art or Music. You buy that NFT and support our Mission & Vision. The good News is – everybody buying our DNFT gets access to our Token Launch White List and will receiving free Airdrops of our upcoming Token. In other words you have some benefits helping us. Also included is a Voucher Code for a 95% Discount for the Song donated by Andy Moon % Cockpitcrew that you can hear in our Image Video above.


…you support a charitable non-profit organization with a donation that gives you something in return? A donation that gives  you some great Music Arts, but still helps! A donation that you listen to and enjoy and  use even if you trade or sell the DNFT ?

…a DNFT that makes sense and has a clear charitable mission? Then it’s time to get to know our DNFTs!

Thank you!

We would like to underpin our DNFT´s with two quotes from Philanthropist and Investor Sir John Templeton.

“Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting.”

“The best investment with the highest return and the lowest risk is a donation”


Links to our NPO NFT Collection

Sophisticated Culture Foundation DNFT Collection

Release: Andy Moon - Pachamama

Spiritual Voyage to Mother Earth

Sophisticated Culture Foundation co-founder, head of A&R and producer Andy Moon releases his latest work on the renowned label Natura Viva Music.

With 6 tracks he starts a journey into the spiritual being of mother earth. Pachamama EP is a mini album with 6 energetic but also spiritual electronic music tracks. Also included are remixes by Cockpitcrew and Minimal Teardrop.

The mini album was specially produced for the Sophisticated Culture Foundation. Andy Moon will donated 80% of the proceeds from sales and streaming to the Foundation’s work and projects.

From 1 April 2022 you can get the new mini album

Support us and donate with your purchase!

Available worldwide on all well-known streaming platforms and in digital stores from April 29, 2022

Artist Info:

Read more about the details and watch the Teaser Video here

The Wonderful Voyage of the Phoenix

Project: Phoenix and the Golden Valley
Artists:  Sebastian Feicht (Actor | Writer) and Cockpitcrew (Music)

Everybody knows the “Phoenix from the Ashes”. German Film and Theatre Actor Sebastian Feicht, who is well known from its appearances in German Television and Theatre as written a wonderful story about the Bird Phoenix.

Combined with cinematic Score from Cockpitcrew, Phoenix is considered to be released as Audio Book with Music and Sound Design, printed Book and digital E-Book and the music as a digital Album.  

Its also on the Roadmap to bring Phoenix on a Stage-Tour to german speaking theaters as a audiovisual modern Theatre Experience for old and young people and as an Online Streaming Experience for the enjoyment at home. 

Read more about the details here

Label Works

Music on Art Unnamed

Our newly acquired Label Art Unnamed comes along with two new Artists and there releases. Since early 2022 all profit from the Label sales goes to 100% into the Sophisticated Culture Foundations projects. Art Unnamed Deep (Cat No: AUD) is our support to the underground electronic music scene, while the main label Art Unnamed (Cat No: AU) under distribution with Sony Music | The Orchard, will concentrate on commercial Electronic Dance Music. Demos for both, underground and commercial electronic music, are now accepted either on our site or direct at the Art Unnamed Webpage.

Art Unnamed welcomes Shik & Grauer with their EP “Laube” on Art Unnamed Deep in Mai 2022. Peter Shik has been released on famous labels like Traum Schallplatten and Natura Viva Music. We are glad to welcome his new project on our Label Art Unnamed Deep! Release is expected for Mai 25th. More infos and listening examples soon tba…

We expect more music from returning Artist Richard de Clark, he delivered 3 readymade EPs and they will be released all this year on Art Unnamed Deep & Art Unnamed.

Andre Ritter is a new signing to Art Unnamed Deep. His debut on the label is expected for April 2022 with his EP called “Wake Up” He is an outstanding electronic sound designer with a PHD in Physics.

He describes his relationship to music in his own words: “And while the time of study was satisfying for my curiosity, I grew ever more detached from my own physical existence being focused on understanding reality. I kind of had achieved my childhood dream but at the same time l had lost it Painfully realizing that my mind is not to be detached from my physical existence, I welcomed it back with the abundance of experiences it would bring I let music into my life again but now focusing on creating it instead of “just” playing it. Art and especially music helps me to find the balance between the world of logic and the world of dreams. And I think this struggle between both worlds influences the music that I create.

Read more about our Label Art Unnamed 


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