Our Mission


Sophisticated Culture Foundation exists for the advancement of creative potential in the field of recording music, that enriches our world!


We bring Artists, Audio Engineers, and Producers together to create, collaborate, share, envision, learn, and be inspired. To be a catalyst for creativity and thought, where potential is realized. 

To inspire  artists to conceive powerful ideas and create new work that can be shared with and improve our world. To experience the power of our environment, supported by talented employees, freelancers and thought leaders, to envision and to create, and be in relationship with our artistic environment and each other.

To be accessible, open, respectful, and welcoming as we build new connections across disciplines and cultures, create new learning opportunities for participants, and enhance and share knowledge and experiences with each other locally and globally.


As a Non Profit Organization we will mainly find and support Artists who can’t make a living from music, really deserve it, but can’t afford the production costs for their art in professional recording studios. That being said, we want  record music in our professional state-of-the-art world class recording studios.

This we  combine with an Artist Motel where the Artists, Engineers and Producers can live and get full accommodation, including lodging, during the recording, and have a great time in a creative environment while they focus just on their music-project. A little bit similar to that, what  top class Artists get from the major labels.

All is shall be free of charge for the artists, they shall have to pay nothing except their full artistic commitment. That is always depending if our Mission is backed by our Donors, Contributors, Members & Supporters.

We will support our artists with top audio engineers and producers. Beside that we teach them in artist development, artist management and artist marketing. They can decide to try it on their own, once they are finished with the recording, or  we help them to get a good deal with a suitable record label. Always we offer a release on our own artist label. It’s up to the artist they are free!

Creative Pathway

Sophisticated Culture Foundation has been founded as a Non Profit Organization, with a balanced financial model that includes funding from individual donors, private sector contributions and public grants.

On the other side we generate revenue from our own-sourced entrepreneurial activities like our Record Label, our Publishing Work and Distributing our Projects as exclusive NFT´s (Non Fungible Tokens) to the Crypto Community. With an Online Mixing and Mastering Service, an Education and Coaching Academy and many more, we extend our Donation based Revenue and make sure we can fund our projects.

Maxims we follow




We will FIND new aspiring talents all over the world SUPPORT and EDUCATE them to DEVELOP and CREATE their projects and RECORD them in our recording studios. To achieve the best outcome we COLLABORATE with industry professionals who help the talents to GROW during the work with us. We EXPAND our path with groundbreaking solutions for free for artists who can’t afford a professional environment and are not able to make a living from their art. We always EXPLORE new ways and ideas to fulfill our goals to support as many artists, engineers and producers as possible.

Digital Strategy

Enhancing both the development and delivery of creative work

Recognizing that new digital technologies are both creation and communications tools, Sophisticated Culture Foundation will focus on and prioritize the ongoing, long-term development of digital activity to continue to be a resource for artists.

Meet SOPHIE our DeFi Token

The most important source for funding our Non Profit Organization is our Initial Coin Offering. We will  partner up with a successful group of specialists to get our Decentralized Finance Token (DeFI – Token) to the Blockchain to offer our own SOPHIE  Charity Token to the crypto space. 

Our token will be a reflecting, deflationary Token with its own Liquidity Pool and many Benefits for the Token Holders. We encourage Token Holders to participate in both the reflection and the increase in value with trading. With this we offer a good feeling of personal value and charitable donation. To know that you also support art and culture with a possible personal profit or savings.

Sophisticated Culture Foundation will connect the creative work of its participants through digital art forms and digital production and performance.

Focusing on Non Fungible Tokens (NFT´s)

Once a project has been finished and is ready to be released, we are going to raise some funds for the Artist and the Foundation. Before a regular digital or physical release and the offering to a respective label, or a release on our own label, we will auction the project as an NFT. The NFT Release will include the Studio Master files, Music Videos, Art Work and some Behind the Scene Documentary and comes with a limited amount of distributed NFT´s to the crypto space. The income of this auction will be fairly shared between the Foundation and the artists to raise some funds for the artists work and further development and to ensure the Foundation’s future project funding.

Generating Value with the Blockchain

We consider our Organization as a modern Foundation. We do not entirely focus on the basic way to generate donations and funds. We like to offer value and support to artists and the projects we fund, but we also like to show that Non Profit work also can give value to the donors and contributors.

Token holders will benefit from a stable market move once we are launched. We are not a Meme Coin (so called Fun Tokens with no serious background, generating short term profits)! Buying and holding our coin offers several benefits for its owners, but most important it will be a stable and reliable Token. Most important is the good feeling to benefit from reflection and an increasing market value with the knowledge to support our charitable work.

Token Holders will get access to a special Token Holder Area on our website where they can follow our work, join Live Video Meetings directly from the Studio, talk to the Artists and become part of the creation process. During such meetings the Artists will also hold private concerts directly out of the Recording Room in High Definition Audio Streaming with tools from our Sponsoring partner Sessionwire.

Token holders will also get early access on reduced rates ( or in return for some of the Tokens they are holding) to  all projects and label releases once they are finished as long as they hold a specific amount of Tokens.

Early Adopters, those who have supported us from the Launch and purchased our Tokens in the Pre Seed or Pre Swap Phase will have some more special benefits.

About Us

The Founders

Our Founders, Leaders and the Management Team consist of Artists, Audio Engineers, Radio Hosts, Film- and Theatre Actors, DJ´s. Live Performers and Music Industry Professionals. We also have an extraordinary knowledge in Business Development and Financial Investment. We all made a living in music or film or relevant areas. We come from the USA and from Europe, and some of us are known independent Artists with music releases and shows around the globe, or are seen in Films, Movies our Series. Others create Art focused on music and sound design and some others run their own labels or promote events. Some of our Audio Engineers are not just in music they produce audio content for Global Players in the Company World, some others are Studio and Front of House Engineers . Some have worked for global music industry players and their Publishing Divisions as Songwriters, Producers or Engineers. Some of us released and created own projects with well-known and recognized Independent Major Labels. But we all have the same passion, and this is the Art & Culture of creating and supporting Music for the Clubs, for Events, for the listeners or for Film, Media, Corporate Music and Documentary.

Meet the Chairman

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mathias, born 1977. He studied Audio Engineering at the renowned School of Audio Engineering (SAE) and graduated with an Audio Engineering Diploma. He continued his studies at the Middlesex University in London and graduated with an Upper Second Class Bachelor of Arts (hons.). Beside that he is an entrepreneur and runs a Real Estate Company as CEO.

He has been a producer, sound engineer, composer, DJ, performing artist for almost 30 years and has written, published, released or produced countless productions and projects. With international appearances as a band musician, electronic music live act and DJ, he played from small clubs to large festivals on the international stages of the world.  He worked as a producer and songwriter for EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music ATV but also for well-known electronic music labels. Some of his music is synced to corporate music and to international films or series and are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other Streaming Services.

He plays several instruments and is an avowed synthesizer collector. As an audio engineer, he worked for countless bands, artists and his own projects, but also in game sound design, film sound, film music or in post production for global players in the pharmaceutical industry and other well-known companies. He gained label experience both as an artist & repertoire manager and sales director at various labels. He also worked as a key account manager for Pioneer. He gained management experience in various roles and companies up to the position as managing director. He has several years of experience as an Officer of the Executive Council of an internationally recognized non-profit organization with more than 100,000 members.

Organisation Documents

Constitution & Articles of Association, Ireland Division

Certificate of Incorporation, Ireland Division

Constitution & Articles of Association, US Division

Certificate of Incorporation, US Division

Constitution & Articles of Association, Germany Division (german)

Agreement of Formation, Germany Division (german)

Legal Informations

The Sophisticated Culture Foundation has been founded in the United States, Ireland and German as Non Profit Organizations. The Articles of Association are similar and just vary in some local requirements. All our legal documents are available online on our website and can be studied at any time.

Annual Reporting

We focus on a straight and transparent Annual Reporting. Since we started our Operation in 2022 the first Annual Report will be published in the early 2nd Quarter of 2023. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to our newsletter and be informed on time.

Legal Documents

Below we offer you our official legal documents as filled with the respective authority. The Constitution & Articles of Association are similar to each other and just have minor variations in it´s content to meet local rules and regulations. Overall the wanted objectives are equal. Make sure you always check the current versions, they are subject to chances, if needed. All Documents will be available shortly here below.