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We need your support

Your support now means Sophisticated Culture Foundation is able to start and maintain essential projects and objectives for fulfilling our mission and vision to allow artists to make their unique contribution to the world.

We accept donations in various currencies via Bank Wire Transfers to many local Banking Accounts in the world. We can accept donations via Paypal, Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee and Stripe. And finally we accept a wide range of crypto currency donations to our wallets. It’s up to you.

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You like our objectives, our mission and our vision? Then a Membership as a Supporting Member might be for you.

As supporting Member you are officially a member of the Irish Foundation as outlined in our Articles of Association 4.1.c. or under 6.33 as outlined in the US based Foundation. It gives you access to internal benefits like access to all our projects, the ability to spent some days in our Artist Hotel ( if rooms are available ) or you can join our Online Video Sessions for supporting Members and Token Holders. You get every produced project for free a long time before it gets released, and there is many more to offer.

The membership is on an annual basis. A minimum membership fee is outlined in the membership application but you are always free to spend more on your own discretion.


Shortly we offer you our Membership Application including all details. Meanwhile consider our Patreon Membership below.

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