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Sophisticated Culture Radio

24/7 best of sophisticated electronic music presented by Sophisticated Culture Foundation Radio curated by Andy Moon, Cockpitcrew & Art Unnamed Records.

The first public appearance of Sophisticated Culture was this Radio Station within the Laut.FM Network. We started to curate our radio  2017. The goal was to offer a radio for Artists

The aim of the radio station was to create an artists’ radio station that would also pay for the use of music, financed by advertising. We have succeeded in doing this with the partnership with, and all music titles played by the artists are paid fairly via the collecting societies according to the number of listeners.

That was basically the beginning of the idea that the foundation is pursuing today and has accordingly expanded many times over. What started with the radio station has now grown up and we are committed to our goal of fair remuneration for artists and the attention of artists who have a hard time making a living from it alone.

The listener statistics have also grown over the years, and we believe it can only get more. SCF Radio has around 900 listeners every day. Our radio is available in many countries like Australia, Brasil, Canada,Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Polska, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA or Austria, just to name a few.

The program is electronic music. With the expansion of our genres, however, we will launch more genres on our Schedule in the near future which will then deal with all of our supported music genres.

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