How to introduce a project

Please note

We do not give you a guideline or fixed procedure on how to apply for our project funding, just some basics, how to prepare your presentation and your songs, to make it easy for our A&R Team to review your submission

Be advised! This is NOT the right page if you like to submit release-ready demos to our Record-Labels, or introduce music to our Publishing & Sync Department

Allow us to take some time!

Omit to contact us after a few days or weeks. We need at least up to THREE (3) Month to listen to your music and study your presentation or documents. You can imagine that the nature of our project funding fills up our to do list, so it takes a bit to listen to everything.

We really listen to EVERY incoming submission. Once done we reply to you with an answer regardless the outcome! Promised! 

Suprise us!

Make yourself seen and interesting! It’s part of the artistic process to introduce yourself and your Funding Project Submission to us.  

There are just some minor rules for our project submission and applications! Those are listed below. Any submission not complying with those simple rules will be automatically rejected without notice.

Please, and we really mean that serious, do NOT send any packages, snail mail or any letters smelling of roses to one of our offices! The reason is simple. Our A&R Team does not work in one of the offices, they are industry professionals from all over the world and accessing our Foundations Intranet to review your submissions. As you might imagine, its impossible workload to convert, scan and upload your submission to our Intranet and therefore it will be just end up somewhere but not where you want to have it!

How to send your Submission

Send your application with your meaningful and expressive introduction, your demos (band room or live venue recordings are fine), live videos, links to former releases and a detailed description of your project to this

Project Submission Form

Use cloud based services like Dropbox, Google Drive or maybe a folder on your projects webpage! Do not use any services with a limited time of availability for your files, we mostly wont make it to download them within 7 days! Make sure your Files are available at least 3 month on that location. If possible please zip your files to one single download link. Don’t forget to provide us with all relevant contact information. Make sure you add our domain “” & “” on your Email White List. For GDPR and Privacy Policy reasons please accept them on the end of the form, otherwise we do not contact you. Sending your submission by our dedicated submission form is mandatory! Don´t send Emails or use any of our other contact forms.

Apply for Project Funding 2025

We are sure…

…you have studied our website and you got an idea what we are looking for and what we are doing.

Yes! We are always looking…
…for aspiring artists who can’t afford a professional production in a world class recording studio. Artists who have a professional attitude to their art and can’t make a living from music. Yes you are right, that is the great majority of musicians.

You might have send countless demos to major or indie labels, and never got any response, or you just didn’t get a contract. This does not mean your stuff is not good enough. Those Labels are companies and they need to make money. Therefore, they choose their artists carefully and according to economic usability. Artistic freedom is often left out.

And that is the difference between them and us. We DO NOT NEED to make money and we force our Artists to be creative to live their artistic freedom, but we follow a similar process to find outstanding artists for our mission.

Same as these companies, we are looking for artists with a high level of artistry and creativity and skill. With a decent mind and a vision of themselves as artists. We are looking for all kinds of genres and types. That can be singer songwriter stuff, band music or even a one person project. Your project can be for a music album, single or an EP. Also your music can be for film, documentary or theater. It can even be a musical telling a story  or a classical chamber music orchestra.

Electronic music artists are welcome, as we also run a respective Studio for electronic music production packed with all this Synths, Drum Machines and all this nice stuff you mostly just know from your VST Plugins. Or you are based in Pop Music or singer / songwriter stuff created mainly with synths but you don’t have the opportunity. Then we also have options. We have our own composers and producers for projects like that. So even if you have a brilliant voice looking for exclusive music for your ideas, we can go for that or find a suitable project mate from our applicants or get you a producer.

We just have one rule. At the end it must be possible to sign your music to our Foundations Publishing Division ( for that you need to join a Collecting Society such as IRMO, ASCAP, GEMA or similar) and place it on a Record Label, maybe one of our own labels. The final result should be, that it can be sold, because finally it is the Mission and Vision to develop your project that way that you can make a living from it, but at least earn some money with it, or get recognized and some more exposure as Artist . So your music needs to find listeners and finally fans. If that meets your project and your dream, we like to hear from you.

About the eligibility to fit for the Project Funding!

If you already released some music that’s fine, as long it does not feed you or even your entire family. You can have a huge fanbase, because that does not often mean that you can make a living from it. That also includes the neighboring rights like Publishing, income from any influencer based activity on Social Medias or any income that suits to pay for your entire living including regular paid gigs. You can find the detailed rules at the end of this page, below.

How does our Project Funding and Development work?

Your project has been taken, the agreements have been signed and your booked slot in our Facility becomes reality. How does it continue?

Let’s assume you would go to our recording studio and record and develop 10 – 12 songs within 30 days FULL TIME , day by day several hours. You stay in our Artist Hotel for that time in a cozy Hotel Room that offers you Netflix and Pay TV, Internet and plenty of space to be creative.

In your free time you have access to nature, wellness, can jump into a pool,  could play some XBox or Playstation Games with your project mates  and in the evening you enjoy a good dinner with the Engineers, Producers and the Foundation Team at the Campus.

When you need some creative silence you go out to our huge area we own, look for a decent place in nature and get creative with your guitar or just train a vocal phrase with the warm summer wind or sing for some snowflakes.

During the sessions you find yourself in a state of the Art Recording Studio with a huge tracking room, several isolation booths packed with high end instruments from guitars to drums to a Concert Piano and the top first class gear to play your music on.  The Control Room is full with all those state of the art equipment you just only know from any Videos or pictures from the Internet, and the recording console  is exactly that what all those superstars expect for their recordings.

You are in the middle of all that with your project mates and great engineers and producers and recording your music. No pressure, no rush. You are working with top class engineers, and if your project convinced one of the grammy awarded engineers we work with, it might even happen that you record with a top class engineer, what does not mean that our regular engineers are not also top qualified engineers.

After nearly a month you are ready and you leave our facility with your finished product that offers the quality of a world class recording worth up to 50.000 Dollars or even more  production costs if you would have to pay for the studio. Even those 30 nights out in a Hotel like our cozy place would cost you 200 Dollars a night.

That is what our Project funding is doing for you, we pay that.

Next Step: Release, Publishing & Artist Support

We start the marketing for your project. As we are endorsed by Google we have plenty of Marketing Budget! So your project could be released on our own label or we place it to any suitable indie or major label with our excellent contacts. However we decide – we will place your finished Production and yourself as an Artist as best as possible on the market.

Beside that you will benefit from our Academy. We teach you Artist Development, Artist based Marketing and the basics in music business to survive and also to be prepared for the pool full of sharks out there.

All this costs you nothing! You have full artistic freedom but we also expect from you to be open to the ideas of our team to optimize the overall project for the market. No worries this will be done in a very creative and familiar way.

The only rule we have is, the publishing rights needs to be given to our own Publishing, the rights on the master copy belong to the Foundation and we have the right to deal it to a respective record label and a fair split  of the overall sales shall be donated to the foundation, to make sure we can also fund the next project after yours is done. If you release with our own labels, the split is not necessary. Beside that we would like to include you into our mentoring program. At some point you can share your experience with one of the following signed projects as mentors and tutors. Or even if you made it, it would be great if you can also support a new project. Maybe having them as Tour support.

To reach that all we introduce you to suitable artist and marketing managers and try our best to get you on the right track.

We can’t promise that you will be the next top superstar but at least we can give you all our passion, knowledge and opportunities to ensure a top-nodge quality production, the connections and the opportunity to teach you and support you to make a living from your art.

You have nothing to loose. Our project funding pays for creating your project and get it placed at the right place. In return, you grant us a fair share on the overall success of your project as a  donation. That way our project funding stays alive and many more Artists can follow up. We do something good to the artists and as Artist you support our mission.

If you meet our criteria, like the way we work, and if you like to see if your project is for us, you should consider applying.

Surprise us! Make yourself seen! It’s part of the artistic process to introduce yourself and your Funding Project Submission to us.  Good luck! 

Eligibility Guidline


You do not make a living from music exclusively. Currently it’s your hobby or you still keep trying to make a living from it, but you don’t meet the criteria mentioned under point 2.


You do not have more than 1.500 USD (net) per person of your project / band,  per month from any income source including music sales, shows or neighboring rights and any 9-5 Job that pays you more than 1.500 USD (net) per month. This applies also to self employed business owners or any freelancer jobs, and/or you are not financed with more than that amount by your parents, family, friends or any other sponsor on a regular basis, to keep trying to make a living from music. This includes also any scholarships more than that.


If you have to feed a family with kids or you you have a living partner staying at home and take care of your kids the above mentioned monthly income can be increased by 250 USD per Kid and 500 USD for your living partner. If your living partner has its own income that can´t be more then you 1.500 USD (net).


You are NOT signed exclusively to any label, publisher or producer for any 360-Degrees Deal or similar Artist Agreement. We only accept your project if you just have sold music to labels or publishers on a Non-Exclusive per track or per releases basis but not generate more income than mentioned above with that.


You and your project mates do not have any personal wealth or savings more than an amount that could pay for a professional studio recording with a budget starting at 10.000 USD+ (or equivalent other currency) or you own, or have access to such a studio or recording equipment worth more then 10.000 USD+ (or equivalent other currency) for free.


You are not bound to any agreement that makes it impossible to fund your project with the goal to reach a status to make a living from or that interferes with an agreement to us. You and your project mates are willing to join a Mechanical & Performance Rights Organisation like ASCAP, IMRO, GEMA e.g..


If your project is accepted, you are willing to visit our Facility for the production for a period up to an entire month. You will live there for the time being and there is no reason to leave before the project has been finished (max 30 days). You understand that once you arrive we work and develop your project on a daily basis (including weekends) until it is ready for release and matching the standards of a major label. During this time it is important to devote yourself exclusively to the project and to ignore external influences. As this  slot is booked for you on the long run, you have enough time to make yourself available.