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…needs Partners

Sophisticated Culture Foundation likes to say “Thank You” to our Partners and Contributors.

We are always open to new partnership offers.  You are in charge for a company or own a company? You like what we do and have an idea to support us either with capital or goods for the good will?   

In return you will be listed on our Webpage and our Annual Reporting Brochures as Partner or Contributor. As we also use the tool “Product Placement” we make sure your products or your Company Logo will be seen in our You Tube Videos, on Photos in Social Media and from time to time included also within post as direct referral. 

Supporting Arts & Culture is also an opportunity to get seen, especially if you support us with things we need.

…is clear and direct

As a Non Profit Organization we mainly support Artists who can’t make a living from music, really deserve it, but can’t afford the production costs for their art in professional recording studios. That being said, we are talking about recording music in our professional state-of-the-art world class recording studios.

This we combine with an Artist Motel where the Artists, Engineers and Producers can live and get full accommodation, including lodging, during the recording, and have a great time in a creative environment while they focus just on their music-project. A little bit similar to that, what  top class Artists get from the major labels.

All is free of charge for the artists, they have to pay nothing except their full artistic commitment. Sophisticated Culture Foundation we will not participate in their possible financial success later on. We just hope that we might kick start the one or other next aspiring artist, and that they remember back who got them on track and they freely donate some of their income to help support our mission.

We support our artists with top audio engineers and producers. Beside that we teach them in artist development, artist management and artist marketing. They can decide to try it on their own, once they are finished with their recording, or  we help them to get a good deal with a suitable record label. Also we offer a release on our own artist label. It’s up to the artist they are free!

…needs Endorsement

We are always looking for suitable Partners to endorse our work. If you are interested please get in touch with our Board of Directors to negotiate any further ideas. We are always looking for Manufacturers of all kinds of Music Instruments, Studio Equipment, Software Donations for our Recording Division. But also for our Artist Motel we have always a need for Furniture, Day to Day Stuff like Dishes, Glasses, Towels, TV´s, Bluetooth Speakers for the Motel Rooms so pretty much everything you can find in a good hotel. And there is so much more. Our Office Team always needs Office Equipment including usual Software. Even our transportation department would appreciate any car support. In return we include you in our Sponsors and Partners Section, or offer product placements in our public and online videos. Feel free to negotiate all options with us.

…has just started

 We are a newly founded Non- Governmental | Non Profit Organisation. We just have started with our Launch but we still have some Partners. Would you become a Partner? If you are interested please use our Contact Form or a Direct Email to our Board of Directors for further negotiation here

Our Partners



We are very glad to have been accepted into the “Google for NonProfits” Program. With Tools like Google Workspace our administrative work has been made easier and well organized and especially with a monthly contributed Google Ads Budget we are able to make our NPO seen on the Internet thru Google Search, with YouTube for Non Profits we have great opportunities to present our Organization. Google Meets helps us to organize Group Meetings, interaction with Members and Artists and of course organizing our Public AMA´s for Token Holders and offering Masterclasses for our Academy.




We are very glad to have been accepted into the “Microsoft for NonProfits” Program. We are eligible to use many products for free for our Non Profit Organization. With Tools from Microsoft 365 Business Premium we have Office Apps and Communications Apps to organize our administrative work and make our workload easier and well organized. With Microsoft Azure we are able to handle our DevOps, Security  and Network needs. With Tools like Teams and Skype for Business we keep up the communication with our Artists, Partners as Members.


Adobe Creative Cloud


We are grateful to have been accepted into the “Adobe Program for NonProfits”. We are now eligible to use many products from the Adobe Creative Cloud for our Non Profit Organization. With this Tools we have access to over 60 Creative Apps such as Photoshop, In Design, Audition, Premiere Pro or Acrobat Pro including the E signing of Documents  to organize our creative and administrative work and make our workload easier and well organized. 




We are glad to work together and be endorsed by Sessionwire to use their excellent tools for free. We use them for our Artist Selection Screening Process and Development prior before we invite the Artists for the recording to a studio. Sessionwire gives us the opportunity to connect our Artists from their rehearsal room directly into our Studio, working on their repertoire, recording the progress of any session and lead the artists to the final state of a record ready product.

Beside that we will use Sessionwire Tools for inviting a hand full of Supporters to join us during our Recording Sessions in excellent HD Video & Sound Quality.



Techsoup | Enclude

We are glad we have been accepted as Non Profit Organisation from Techsoup Global Network and Enclude Ireland.The Enclude vision is a world in which digital technology is used effectively to bring about meaningful change. The purpose is to enable charities and nonprofits to achieve greater impact through digital transformation.

Techsoup Network is an international leading Collaboration for the NPO/NGO field. Enclude is an independent nonprofit IT consultancy service to the Irish nonprofit Sector. Enclude was established in 2006 and is a charity itself. It has delivered services to a wide range of voluntary, community and development organisations and is now the biggest technology charity in Europe

With Enclude we are able to get access to many tools like Software Licenses and IT Tools, as well as Marketing relevant tools for our work. For Non Profits the products are either free or at a discounted rate.


Our Contributors

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Contributors are people, companies or brands who support our work either with a generous donation or their work for the foundation.

Supporting a charitable foundation can certainly bring reputation and prestige. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and we would be happy to publish your name, photo or logo with a brief introduction and information about what was done for the organization here.

Celebrities, well-known artists, or our well-known tutors and mentors are also contributors. Basically anyone who contributes something significant to our work.

You want to contribute? Contact our PR team