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First of all, Sophisticated Culture Foundation and the supported Artists likes to say “Thank You” for every contribution. You make Art happen!

You can donate Money in different major currencies to our local Bank Accounts as a wire or money transfer within many countries. We are glad to receive your Donations via Paypal, we accept Stable Coin Crypto Donations via Coinbase (no Account needed) and for DeFI (Decentralized Finance) Crypto Token or NFT Donations we offer a Wallet for your contributions. See all Details below.

Unfortunately we can´t accept any money orders or paper checks.

Please also consider a direct Supporter Membership. Here you can find more details.

How to donate

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Donate with Paypal

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Become a BMaC Contributor and choose from any amount of choice. (Credit Card required)

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Crypto Donation


You can donate a wide range of stable coins directly to our Donation Wallet.

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Money Donation via Bandcamp

You can donate any amount of choice from 5 € (equivalent in USD) via our Bandcamp Store.

Your Donation Includes unlimited streaming of Sunrise 4 Phoenix (Premium Edition) the Song you can hear in our Introduction Video and Phone Hotline from Cockpitcrew via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Multi Currency Donations

We can offer you Banking Account Details in EUR | USD | GBP | AUD | NZD | CAD | SGD and more currencies. Please get in touch with our Donations & Contribution Team below to get our Banking Details usually within 2 working days.


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    Become a Contributor and choose from any amount of choice. 

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    DeFI Coins | BSC, Polygon & Ethereum Network

    Send your DeFi Coins or NFT Donations using Metamask Wallet or any other suitable Wallet on the respective Network from the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Chain or Ethereum Main Network. For transparency and Anti Money Laundering reasons we show you the Wallet  after you completed our KYC Form ( Know your Customer/Contributor)

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