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First of all, Sophisticated Culture Foundation and the supported Artists likes to say “Thank You” for every contribution. You make Art happen!

You can donate Money in different currencies to a local Bank Account via a wire or money transfer within many countries. Also we are glad for your support to our Patreon, Buy me a coffee and Crowdfundly Accounts. 

Last but not least we accept Stable Coin Crypto Donations via Coinbase Application ( no Account requried).

For DeFI (Decentralized Finance) Crypto or NFT Donations we offer a Wallet on the BSC and the Ethereum Network for your contributions.

Unfortunately we can´t accept any money orders or paper checks.

Please also consider a direct Supporter Membership. Here you can find more details.

How to donate

Multi Currency Donations

Here you can find a list of international banking accounts all over the world in different currencies. Please choose the best option for you. Please add “Donation” as Purpose to your wire transfer.

Account Owner: Sophisticated Culture Foundation CLG

EUR  IBAN: IE67 CPAY 9911 9960 1064 09

USD Routing No: 084009519 Acc No: 9600001531626577 ( Money Transfers only inside USA / no Wire Transers)

GBP Bankcode 23-22-21 Acc No 6586 0407  (no international transfers) or IBAN: GB66 TRWI 2314 7081 6365 41

AUD  BSB-Code 802-985 Acc No: 310204595 – (no international transfers)

NZD Acc No: 04-2021-0097488-86  (no international transfers)

CAD Inst No: 621 Acc 200110153594 Transit No 16001 (no international transfers)

SGD Bankcode 0516 Acc No 199-608-1 (no international transfers)


Stable Coin Crypto Donation


You can donate a wide range of stable coins directly to our Donation Wallet. For KYC (Know your Contributor) reasons and transparency we ask for your email and your name.

Donate Stable Coins here


DeFI Coins | BSC & Ethereum Network

Send your DeFi Coins or NFT Donations on the respective Network from Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) & Ethereum Main Network (ERC-20). For transparency and Anti Money Laundering reasons we show you the Wallet  after you completed our KYC Form ( Know your Customer/Contributor)

    Click and visit our Donation Page

    Donate with Paypal

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    Become a BMaC Contributor and choose from any amount of choice. (Credit Card required)

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    Click and visit our Donation Page

    Become a Contributor and choose from any amount of choice. 

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