Our Main Objectives

Our objects become reality

We are inclined to introduce you to our objectives. They have been developed over years and we are looking more then forward to finally see them become reality. But to let them become reality we need funds. Those funds we generate form Donations, Contributions, Endorsement, Membership Support and from our work as Non Profit Label & Publisher. In other words. with your support!

Supporting Music Artists

Our main goal is to support outstanding bands, musicians, artists and composers who cannot afford the professional development of their music and who cannot yet earn a living with the music. But their art is that good that it absolutely has to be heard. We want to find these artists and get the job done. 

We will produce all projects completely free of charge, we finance our work exclusively through donations, sponsoring, endorsement and the income from our label and publishing. In addition, we earn revenue from the publishing rights and distributing the music digitally and physically. All income from our non-profit organization is always used for our main and secondary goals. 

We hope that you, as an art enthusiast, want to support our work. You can do this with donations or buying our music releases.

Secondary Objectives

Non Profit Record Label

Please note! Our Label is a Multi Genre Label and is open to every Artist worldwide. If you have already studio recorded music, we are happy to listen to it. 

Find out more here on our Website

or visit our Non Profit Label Website

Sophisticated Culture Publishing

An important part of our work is the publishing work. With the publishing work we can generate some revenue from licensing and syncing royalties. 

Learn more about our Non Profit Publishing Department

Sophisticated Culture Academy

We run our own Academy. Courses, Masterclasses and Webinars with Industry professionals, online Training Courses our Artists. We focus on topics they really need like Self Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Artist Development, Technical Training, how to get perfect demos, how to shoot good videos with low budget and so much more. All this is for free for the Artists. 

Artist Management

Fair, Artist oriented Artist Management for our Label & Project Artists if they wish to be managed by the Foundation. 

Read more about our 360 Degree Art Management