Main Objectives

Our Programs become reality

We are inclined to introduce you to our Programs. This Program has been developed over years and we are looking more then forward to finally see them become reality in 2022/23. But to let them become reality we need funds. Those funds we generate form Donations, Contributions and from the Launch of our Token..

Supporting Music Artists

Our main goal is to support outstanding bands, musicians, artists and composers who cannot afford the professional recording of their music and who cannot yet earn a living with the music. But their art is that good that it absolutely has to be heard. We want to find these artists and make our offer. 

We produce all projects completely free of charge, we finance our work exclusively through donations, sponsoring, endorsement and the income from our crypto token. In addition, we earn from exploiting the publishing rights and distributing the music digitally. All income from our non-profit organization is always used for our main and secondary goals. Of course, we also have to pay employees and have operating costs that have to be paid for from our income from donations and the token. But these are well calculated due to the concept, since we own and operate all equipment, the facility and the property ourselves as a foundation.

We hope that you, as an art enthusiast, want to support our work. We will now present our work in more detail below.

The Environment

For our concept we already have a few properties in prospect. Regardless of which property we choose, they all have something in common.

We will offer a lot of space and nature. Sufficient space to develop and realize. The outside world can be hidden, only the art counts.

We have already visited various properties. These are old mansions, castles but also farms with lots of land, meadows and forests around them. With some renovation work, we want to create a unique environment here, which invites you to let your creativity run free.

During production, everyone involved lives together like in a commune. Cooking together after work, ending the day and having breakfast the next morning. Lots of space for wellness, sport, walks or excursions into the surrounding nature. Anything that can help to get the best out of the artists.

Outstanding art is created in an outstanding environment. Sophisticated Culture Foundation wants to offer this environment, and all at no cost to artists who could not even afford a cheap alternative. However, the art of these artists deserves to be made audible in the best possible way.

Recording Studio

The heart of our system will of course be the recording studio. The equipment will be in no way inferior to the largest studios in the world. It will offer Studio control rooms with an SSL and a Neve console. State of the art outboard equipment, a collection of highly professional microphones and world class loudspeaker systems round off the whole thing.

For a perfect recording there will be a large sound optimized tracking room as well as several small isolation and vocal booths. We also offer the artists impressive equipment. This includes various drum kits, guitars and bass amplifiers, pianos and concert grand pianos and of course various other instruments such as keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, basses and percussion. During the recording, nothing should be missing in the development of the songs.

Our Electronic Music studio, which already exists, will be also used for mastering, post production and sound design for film based composition. There are already more than 20 synthesizers available and further synthesizers will be added to offer an excellent production environment for electronically produced music such as Dance Music, electronic Pop Music, or creating Music and Sound Design for Documentary, Films, Games and many more possibilities.

Of course there will also be a cafeteria with a kitchen, a break room for each studio as well as meeting and practice rooms.

We store the additionally offered equipment in a material room. The studios are planned with a Dante network so that independent use of all rooms is guaranteed.

A contemporary recording studio complex for which a world star would give anything to be allowed to record there. This is of course possible with an appropriate donation to the foundation, provided that this artist then passes on his experiences to our talents as a mentor.

For every production we always want to recruit a voluntary world-class audio engineer who will provide the Artists with his knowledge, experience and time. In addition, an assistant audio engineer from a corresponding training facility (such as SAE, Abbey Road) will always do an internship. They too can benefit from the collaboration with a world-class engineer. If a superstar happens to be present, the experience for the artist will of course be outstanding.

Artist Hotel

In order to be able to record relaxed, our artist hotel is also part of our studio. We offer attractively furnished cosy hotel rooms that the artists can use free of charge during the project. Extensive nature, many opportunities to develop and a creative environment contribute to the fact that our artists can feel like rock stars. The hotel will also offer further amenities such as a wellness area and a fitness room, a fireplace room, common rooms with a bar. In the outdoor areas there will be many quiet places to retreat. Of course, a pool should not be missing either. The artists should be optimally and relaxed focused on the project during the recording. Accordingly, we offer an environment that otherwise only the big stars expect. We believe that the results will be outstanding and exceptional.

Creative Hideaway

Our site is not only available to musicians. We are planning to build 10 small wooden huts with modern, comfortable hotel room furnishings and all kinds of amenities, as well as plenty of room for creativity. We would like to address book authors, script- and screenwriters, painters, artisans, composers, actors, film directors and many other creative artistic professions who have a limited budget and cannot afford a longer stay in a creative hideout, usually of several weeks. We provide our huts free of charge. Thus, artists can find peace and silence for a while to work on their ideas. We are convinced that a lot of outstanding art can be created in our huts.

House for Children

Another project to be implemented is an officially approved and state-recognized kindergarten and day-care center for children and young people from the surrounding vicinity of the site. In addition to preparing preschoolers for school, the focus of our facility will be creative improvising early music education. Children and young people in the region should be able to learn an instrument for free from talented volunteers, or they should be able to make occasional trips to our studio. Since we have a plot of land with a lot of nature and forest in prospect, the facility should also be run in harmony with nature. The facility is also available as a day care center for children and young people in the afternoons. The facility will be managed by qualified staff and professional music teachers.

Rehearsal and Creative Space

With several shared Rehearsal Rooms including equipment, we plan to offer a space for young talents founding their music projects. With this we promote the region of our location and maybe find the next project.

The current property we have in mind would even serve the opportunity to maintain several fully equipped band rooms and artist rooms for different activities such as painting, practicing performing art, dancing, theater or there could even be fully equipped artist workshops for any kind of artistic handcrafts on a shared time model and fully equipped.

Possible Locations

The first round of financing through our token and corresponding donations and endowments will be used to open the first campus in the middle of Europe, in Germany. This should be done by the end of 2022.

The second round of financing with our remaining Tokens will begin at the end of 2024 once the European Campus is fully operational. The second campus is planned to be opened in Nashville, USA and is scheduled to open its doors until 2025.

Secondary Objectives

Sophisticated Culture Music

Please note ! Our Label is a Multi Genre Label and is open to every Artist worldwide. If you have already studio recorded music, we are happy to listen to it. Sophisticated Culture Recordings has been founded mainly to release our funded projects, but the Label itself is open to all artists regardless where they come from and what professional background they have. The most important maxim is the freedom of the Artist. We don’t want to change or modify the artist’s work, if we like it and if it meets our standards we release it as it is. The artist is involved in all steps of the release process and can give us his input and share his thoughts.

We distribute some of our releases as NFT´s first before the standard digital release. Some extraordinary productions were also considered to be released as physical CDs or Vinyl.
Beside the NFT Releases we will also release some of the Artists projects on our own label to increase the Artists fanbase. For bigger Labels it is important to sign artists with a basic fanbase and some scaleable activities. Our support does not end once the project is recorded, we develop the artists and help them expand and grow their fanbase before we finally introduce them to a label. Artists with a fanbase and some sold music just have a better chance to get signed with a bigger commercial label.

With our Labels “Sophisticated Culture Music” and “Art Unnamed | Deep” we generate revenue from our own-sourced entrepreneurial activities. All income increases our funds to finance the project funding and covers our operational costs. As Distribution partners we work closely with Sony Music´s Distribution Service “The Orchard” because we can cover a wide range of music genres. For the electronic music distribution we work with Label Worx, they are the specialists in electronic music. Our Label “Art Unnamed | Deep ” has been included into the Foundation by our Co-Founder Andy Moon as a contribution. Art Unnamed was established many years ago and is a good start. Sophisticated Culture Music Recordings is a brand new established label and will startist operating in 2022.

Art Unnamed (Deep) Recording

If you are an electronic music producer you might check out our special interest label for underground electronic music. Mainly we focus on all non commercial electronic music genres. Please consult the label page of Art Unnamed (Cat No: AU) and Art Unamed Deep (Cat No: AUD) here. The Label meanwhile belongs 100% to our Foundation and is managed by electronic music producer and artist Andy Moon.

Sophisticated Culture Publishing

An important part of our work is the publishing work. The only obligation we have for our supported artists is to sign our publishing agreement. With the publishing work we can generate some revenue from licensing and syncing royalties. The Publishing Department will take the opportunity to collaborate with Indie and Major Labels. The overall partner for the Publishing is planned to be Sony Music / ATV Publishing and EMI Music Publishing. With them we have a good coverage for connections to wellknown labels as well as Syncing music to Film, Documentaries, Television and use in Commercials for Companies. With SCF Publishing we generate revenue from our own-sourced entrepreneurial activities. All income increases our funds to finance the project funding and covers our operational costs. The Publishing | Artist Split will be 40% | 60% , so we cover the international standard.

Sophisticated Culture Academy

We are working on our own Academy. Courses, Masterclasses and Webinars with Industry professionals, online Training Courses in an internal area for all Artists who are interested in our work. We focus on topics they really need like Self Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Artist Development, Technical Training, how to get perfect demos, how to shoot good videos with low budget and so much more. All this is for free for the Artists. We just allow us to ask for donations if artists like to contribute.

As we know there are not just Artists, we also focus on educating aspiring audio engineers and music producers. For this we will use our online tools from Sessionwire, Google Classrooms and Google Meet and Zoom to offer free masterclasses and training direct from our studio and classrooms to their studios and teach them. In return, we build up our own network of voluntary recording, mixing or mastering engineers to participate in our Online Recording, Mixing and Mastering programs for artists as contributors.

Also we will invite Audio Engineering Students to participate as Assistant Engineers during our Recording Sessions in our Studio or the Studio of a contributing award winning Engineers. This is especially eligible for students of Audio Engineering from relevant educational Institutions like SAE, Abbey Road Institute or regular students from Universities seeking for a required internship. While they stay with us in our studio, they get free accommodation and lodging.

For the future of our Academy we have a strong roadmap. It is our stated goal to become an On Site Academy of the Arts that can offer appropriate scholarships and affordable education with appropriate accredited Bachelors & Masters programs. Initially, the On Site Academy will only be available to our artists, but will be opened to selected students in the next step. By 2025 we want to be able to offer accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees through cooperation with a university in Europe and North America.

Once this goal has been achieved, we will open the On-Site Academy to general access, provided the access requirements are met.

The concept provides that theoretical lessons can be used via appropriate online tools and practical courses can be completed on our campus. As with the artist projects, the Artist Hotel should also be available free of charge. If the project is successful, building a student residence is not out of the question.

Sophisticated Culture Events

Once we are finished with our construction work and our Foundation Campus is ready to use, we focus on quarterly Weekend Events for the Region. We will have Live Concerts or Open Air Theater combined with Arts & Culture markets from small artistic vendors with handcrafted art and stuff. These Events will support the Artists we fund, but also shall be used for artists in consideration to present themself. The quarterly event will use the topics for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Christmas-Winter Markets. We also have an eye on children. We want young and old to come together, have a great time and get in touch with arts & culture in a relaxed environment of our Center. The Revenue of this market will be used for our projects. Of course all Events will be streamed live also online to raise donations, marketing relevant projects and make our artists more popular. Beside that we plan monthly live streaming concerts directly out of our Recording Studios Tracking Room.

Artist Management

We also offer our artists a 360 degree model. This means that in addition to recording and distributing the music, we also offer artist management and booking for our internal and external artists. The proceeds from this activity, like all our other activities, benefit our mission.

Artists benefit from a fair management agency that is not only interested in their own profit and gives every artist the same attention. The artists can live out their artistic freedom to the full and get help from our team to implement this.

We serve the entire area, i.e. booking, marketing, artist development and tour support.

Online Mixing & Mastering

Another project we are focusing on is to offer an online Mixing and Mastering Service. Many musicians, Bands or Artists are looking for a cheap service with high quality return. We hear you and have a solution. Our service is free, we just ask for a donation of choice to support our goals.

We are in contact with many world class Mixing Engineers as well as our own engineers. They offer some of their working-time in their own studios voluntarily to mix or master your music. You can’t choose the engineer at all, but those known engineers can pick your project if they like it. That way some productions of our Online Mixing & Mastering Service could be finished by a multi platinum award winning engineer who normally is mixing just the big guys.

When you book our Online Mixing and Mastering Program you just use our upload tool, give us some information on your project and make a basic initial Donation of choice. Once done your project is listed in our Database and some of the Engineers will pick it. Depending on the workload the time frame until it’s finished can be between some days and up to a month, depending on their workload. So please take this into consideration. We will issue you an estimated time of completion for your information. If you are satisfied with your mix or mastering, we would appreciate a fair valued donation. Just figure out yourself what you would have paid on the free market for a similar service and make a choice what it is worth for you.

Please note, the Engineers spend the time and their own studio for your mixing voluntarily. This is their personal contribution to the projects of Sophisticated Culture. In return we ask you for a donation. This donation will support our work. So it is a win-win situation for all of us. For your information. If the engineer is willing to allow you to use his name in your credits, then they will let you know with a short note in the uploaded final files.

Sounds like a good plan? You can learn more details and book your Mixing or Mastering here on our Website.

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