Phoenix & the golden Valley

The wonderful voyage of Phoenix

The PHOENIX AND THE GOLDEN VALLEY world wants to be an offer in these challenging times to make strengthening resources and inner connections sensually tangible.

In an entertaining way, it wants to invite you into constructive spaces of experience that encourage, awaken joie de vivre and promote optimism. Beyond the usual horror scenarios, it wants to open up to positive ideas for the future. And for a connecting togetherness – human to human and human and nature / cosmos.

The readings that have already taken place online and above all the PHÖNIX adventure evening 2020 at the Volksbühne in Cologne have shown that these goals can be easily achieved with this material, even with a broader audience with different age structures.

The Fairy Tale

Fairy tales immediately speak to our emotional levels, our heart. They awaken the childlike in us and make us open to receiving inspiration. PHOENIX AND THE GOLDEN VALLEY wants to give the audience a journey into bright, inner worlds. At the same time, it conveys valuable knowledge about crisis management and resources in a playful way.

The phoenix bird sets off for the far away “golden valley”. It is said that paradise is supposed to be here. On the way, he is struck by lightning and falls. With broken wings, he is about to give up when the mysterious river woman takes care of him. Phoenix now embarks on a journey that not only brings him acquaintance with all sorts of forest dwellers, but also a completely new experience of himself. It’s a story of crash, chaos and resurgence. And the good forces of life that can be discovered by every human being.

Project Publication

Audio Book | Book | Music Album


“Phoenix and the Golden Valley” will be available as a printed book and as a digital download. Also as an audio book. This contains the read form of the story and a version with atmospheric sounds and music, which was produced and composed by the cockpit crew for this project. The Music will be released as an Album.

Online Adventure Evenings

Sebastian will perform this story via a free online streaming. There will be various outer rooms that will be used. They reflect the different worlds of PHÖNIX with music, sounds and video animations.

On Stage in Theaters

A performance specially developed for the theater. Sebastian Feicht and its Cast on stage together with the Music Live Act Cockpitcrew performing the sound design and music on stage. The Show will go on tour within several theaters in the german speaking area. It will be a voyage of spherical video and light installations, Video Art, Music Soundscapes and of course a deep dive into the story of the Phoenix!

About the Creators

Sebastian Feicht


German actor and speaker Sebastian Feicht has also been a thinker and conceptual writer for some time. He completed his acting training at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He writes his own screenplays for theater but also texts and content that should encourage people to think and act for their own lives. “Phoenix and the Golden Valley” is the latest work.

Sebastian is known from German film and television such as Tatort, Unter Uns, Rosenheim Cops or Alarm für Cobra 11, just to name a few. As a theater actor, he has both brought his own works to the stage and also played roles on several stages like the Staatstheater Stuttgart, Nationaltheater Mannheim, or the Schauburg Munich. Main roles in “Nibelungen” as Siegfried, “Artus” as Lancelot, “Lumpazivagabundus” as Glue, “Nathan the Wise” as a Knight Templar are just a few of his references. He received the Bavarian Theater Prize for “Brand” performed at the Staatstheater Stuttgart in 2003.

As a speaker, his voice can be heard in various audio books, such as the speaker for the biography of Ulli Hoeneß (former FC Bayern Munich President & Entrepreneur) or in TV documentaries and as a feature speaker at Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk.



is an electronic Live Act based in Ambient, Lounge, Electronica and electronic and classical Cinematic Score

With two Albums and several Single Releases, Cockpitcrew has released music with EMI Music Publishing and Sony Music ATV Publishing.

Cockpitcrew´s Music is featured in Documentary and films on Netflix, in international television and also as score in the premiere of Phoenix and the golden Valley played live during the theater show in Colognes legendary Willy Millowitsch Volksbühne Cologne.